VDI Made Simple

SnapVDI is a complete, all-in-one hardware and software VDI solution designed to deliver the ultimate user experience and management. Class-leading performance and end-to-end security measures come standard with SnapVDI, with the ability to boot hundreds of virtual desktops in mere seconds. SnapVDI requires a minimal infrastructure to deploy, as all of the virtual machines can easily operate in a 1 Gb network. In most cases, SnapVDI can be seamlessly deployed in the existing IT infrastructure – avoiding the hassle and expense of adding complex storage and backend infrastructure to support a VDI deployment. Moreover, the entire VDI environment can be up and running in just a few hours. Another key benefit is a significant reduction in energy consumption and power costs, as SnapVDI thin clients consume only a fraction of the power used by traditional desktops. Finally, the SnapVDI Manager (SVM) management software is included with the SnapVDI solution, allowing administrators to install, upgrade, provision and secure hundreds of users from a single management interface – whether local or remote.

SnapVDI Brick B300

The SnapVDI solution includes a ‘brick’ consisting of two servers configured in High Availability and one redundant dual-controller storage appliance, thin/zero client devices, user licenses, and the SnapVDI Manager (SVM) software. While the SnapVDI Thin/Zero clients offer enhanced functionality when deployed with the SnapVDI solution, customers can utilize other endpoint devices or repurposed desktops if they prefer. SnapVDI Thin/Zero Clients are also offered separately from the SnapVDI solution as a standalone product for customers with an existing VDI environment.