SnapVDI Overview

So how does SnapVDI work?

SnapVDI is a complete and secure VDI computing solution that scales from 25 users up to thousands. Unlike most VDI component-based products, SnapVDI is shipped as a “Ready-to-Deploy” solution that makes implementing VDI quick and simple. SnapVDI was architected to leverage the latest virtual desktop technologies while keeping in mind the utmost security measures to mitigate cyber threats and ensure complete data protection.

Most multi-vendor virtual desktop implementations fail due to the complexity and high cost associated with the project. Hundreds of users have shared their desire for VDI, but expressed concerns over the roadblocks they had experienced during past VDI evaluations. SnapVDI resolves these common concerns by providing a complete VDI solution from a single vendor which guarantees greater user experience, higher data security, and a streamlined technical support process.

A True Desktop-like Experience.

SnapVDI Spark, the brain of the SnapVDI architecture, provides intelligent caching and storage with high definition graphical quality. SnapVDI Spark also enables a seamless user experience by providing on-the-fly backup and recovery as a standard feature. The SnapVDI Spark layer empowers Remote Desktop Services, giving users an experience identical to that of a local desktop. Finally, SnapVDI Spark is designed for scalability and performance with minimal downtime so that all components of the VDI system boot within seconds.

End-to-End data security between servers, storage, and endpoint devices

Faster than a Traditional Desktop
Thin Clients boot in seconds, with full VDI boot storm completed in under two minutes

Applications launch and are accessible immediately

Seamless User Experience
VM Pool Creation, deployment and management

Resource Efficient
Requires 90% less storage than a typical VDI deployment

Quick Deployment
Faster VM provisioning and cloning

Intelligent & Dependable
Intelligent, on-the-fly backup and disaster recovery as a standard feature

Designed for extreme scalability and class-leading performance

High Availability
Fully redundant hardware provides excellent reliability with zero data loss and minimal downtime

Centralized Management

SnapVDI Manager (SVM) is a consolidated management software capable of managing the entire VDI environment. With SVM, administrators can monitor, manage and protect all VDI users from within the SnapVDI Manager interface – including VM pool creation, deletion, modification, provisioning and management of users, storage, user clients and inventory – all from a single, central interface. Using SnapVDI Manager, administrators can also build a private cloud environment, thereby increasing the utility and cost-effectiveness of the complete SnapVDI solution.

Simple, Unified Management
A single interface for accessing and managing the entire VDI environment

Client Management
Zero Client management and provisioning

Complete VM Management
VM Pool Creation, deployment and management

Simple Management of Patches, Updates and Upgrades
OS provisioning, remote software installation and patch management made easy

Cluster & Storage Management
Easily manage the entire cluster of underlying servers and storage infrastructure

Template Creation and Deployment
Manage and roll out desktop templates for maximum efficiency

Logging & Alerts
User, event and report management with customizable alerts

Capability to build private cloud environment through SnapVDI Manager

Deep infrastructure management tools