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The SnapVDI Solution: VDI Made Simple

SnapVDI is engineered to provide the ultimate user experience. Class-leading performance and high definition graphics come standard with SnapVDI, while the virtual desktops can be booted up in mere seconds. SnapVDI requires a minimal infrastructure to deploy, as all of the virtual machines can operate in a 1 Gb network. In nearly all cases, it will work in your existing infrastructure - avoiding the hassle and expense of adding complex storage and backend infrastructure to support a VDI deployment. Moreover, the entire VDI environment can be up and running in just a few hours. Another key benefit is a significant reduction in power consumption, as SnapVDI thin clients typically use just 5-7 W of power on average. Finally, the manageability software is built into the solution, so administrators can install, upgrade and refresh hundreds of nodes from one central, remote location.

True Desktop-like Experience!

The brain of the SnapVDI architecture, SnapVDI Spark™ provides intelligent caching and storage with high definition graphical quality. SnapVDI Spark also enables a seamless user experience by providing on-the-fly backup and recovery as a standard feature. The SnapVDI Spark layer also empowers Remote Desktop Services, giving users an experience identical to that of a local desktop. And SnapVDI Spark is designed for scalability and performance with minimal downtime – so that all components of the VDI system boot within seconds.


Faster than a Traditional Desktop

- Thin Clients boot in seconds, with full VDI boot storm completed in under two minutes


- Applications launch and are accessible immediately

Seamless User Experience

- VM Pool Creation, deployment and management

Resource Efficient

- Requires 90% less storage than a typical VDI deployment

Quick Deployment

- Faster VM provisioning and cloning

Intelligent & Dependable

- Intelligent, on-the-fly backup and disaster recovery as a standard feature


- Designed for extreme scalability and class-leading performance

Consistent Uptime

- Improve organizational productivity with minimal down time


- 10x more desktops per configuration

High Availability

- Excellent reliability, with zero data loss and minimal downtime

Centralized Management

SnapVDI Manager is a consolidated management tool capable of managing the entire VDI environment. Now, an administrator can monitor, manage and provision all VDI components from within the SnapVDI Manager interface - including VM pool creation, deletion, modification, provisioning and management of users, storage, thin clients and inventory - all from a central, remote location. With SnapVDI Manager, an administrator can also build a private cloud environment, increasing the utility and cost-effectiveness of the complete Snap VDI solution.


Simple, Unified Management

- A single interface for accessing and managing the entire VDI environment

Client Management

- Zero Client management and provisioning

Complete VM Management

- VM Pool Creation, deployment and management

Simple Management of Patches, Updates and Upgrades

- OS provisioning, remote software installation and patch management made easy

Cluster & Storage Management

- Easily manage the entire cluster of underlying servers and storage infrastructure

Template Creation and Deployment

- Manage and roll out desktop templates, for maximum efficiency

Logging & Alerts

- User, event and report management with customizable alerts


- Capability to build private cloud environment through SnapVDI Manager


- Deep infrastructure management tools