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SnapVDI Solution

SnapVDI is a complete VDI solution that scales from 25 users up to thousands. Unlike most VDI component-based products, SnapVDI is shipped as a "Ready-to-Deploy" solution that makes implementing VDI quick and simple. SnapVDI was architected to leverage the latest virtual desktop technologies while keeping in mind the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Most virtual desktop implementations fail due to the complexity and high cost associated with the project. Hundreds of users have shared their desire for VDI, but expressed concerns over the roadblocks they had experienced during past VDI evaluations. SnapVDI resolves these common concerns by guaranteeing a lower cost per user than traditional desktops while providing unparalleled functionality.

So, how does SnapVDI work? Below are the six main components of the SnapVDI solution:

SnapVDI Demo