All-in-One VDI Solution with a True Desktop Experience

SnapVDI is:


All user data is stored on a redundant server cluster opposed to locally on each client. Mouse and keyboard actions are encrypted and returned to the servers over a secure channel. The entirety of an organization’s data resides in a secure environment on fully redundant systems.


Computing environments based on VDI deployments use significantly less power than traditional ones. In fact, SnapVDI uses just 5-7 Watts of power. When transitioning from a traditional infrastructure, over 500 KWh of energy costs are saved for each SnapVDI seat per year.


SnapVDI eliminates the need for IT administrators to deal with desktops on an individual basis. Administrators can upgrade, install and refresh hundreds of nodes all from one central, remote location. With SnapVDI, the manageability software comes built-in.